2021-12-04 [71240]
本文摘要:Two of Uber’s biggest competitors have formed a global alliance, presenting the San Francisco-based ride-hailing company with its most formidable competition to date.优步(Uber)的两大竞争对手已重新组建一个全球联盟,向这家总部坐落于旧金山的叫车公司发动目前为止最不利的挑战。

Two of Uber’s biggest competitors have formed a global alliance, presenting the San Francisco-based ride-hailing company with its most formidable competition to date.优步(Uber)的两大竞争对手已重新组建一个全球联盟,向这家总部坐落于旧金山的叫车公司发动目前为止最不利的挑战。Lyft and Didi Kuaidi, the biggest Uber competitors in the US and in China respectively, will allow each company’s customers to use the other’s services when travelling, as a part of a broader co-operation agreement.Lyft和滴滴慢的分别是优步在美国市场和在中国市场的仅次于竞争对手。


作为一项更加普遍合作协议的一部分,这两家公司将让自己的顾客在对方国家旅行时需要用于对方的服务。This year Didi also invested $100m in Lyft, in a financing round led by Rakuten that included Chinese internet groups Alibaba and Tencent.今年,滴滴慢的还在Lyft的一轮融资中向后者投资1亿美元。那轮融资由乐天(Rakuten)主导,中国互联网集团阿里巴巴(Alibaba)和腾讯(Tencent)也参予了。


Uber is the world’s largest ride-hailing company in number of countries served, but recently it has faced increasing competition from homegrown champions operating in specific markets.按服务国家数量计算出来,优步是全球仅次于的叫车公司,但最近该公司在某些市场遭遇本土冠军企业包含的日益白热化的竞争。The tie-up is the first major co-operation between ride-hailing companies in different countries, and more are expected to emerge.Lyft与滴滴慢的结盟是有所不同国家叫车公司间的首次根本性合作,预计未来还将经常出现更好的合作。Didi is the largest ride-hailing company in China by number of daily rides, and has been strengthening ties with Uber’s competitors around the world. This year it invested in GrabTaxi, which is based in Southeast Asia. “Didi’s strategy is to work with local champions,” said Jean Liu, Didi president. “We do not rule out any possibilities.”按每日用车次数计算出来,滴滴慢的是中国仅次于的叫车公司,而且仍然在与优步在全球各地的竞争对手强化合作。今年,滴滴慢的向总部坐落于东南亚的GrabTaxi投资。

“滴滴的战略是与当地的冠军企业合作,”滴滴慢的总裁柳青(Jean Liu)回应,“我们不回避任何可能性。”The threat posed by Uber’s rapid expansion and its well-funded war chest has raised the stakes for local competitors in markets ranging from China to India and Southeast Asia.优步的较慢扩展及其实力雄厚的资金实力所包含的威胁,让从中国、印度到东南亚等市场的本土竞争对手被迫增大赌局。Lyft has been in talks with Indian ride-sharing company Ola about possible co-operation, a move that would further strengthen the global alliance, according to a person familiar with the matter.一名知情人士称之为,Lyft仍然在与印度共计乘公司Ola就有可能的合作进行谈判,此举将更进一步增强这个全球联盟。


Competition between Uber and Didi in China is fierce, as they fight for market share among the 800m urban dwellers. Uber plans to invest $1bn in its Chinese services this year. Meanwhile, Didi reported losses of more than $500m in the first five months of this year, according to documents seen by the Financial Times, implying annualised losses of $1.4bn.优步与滴滴慢的在中国的竞争很白热化,双方于是以希望在中国8亿城市居民中争夺战市场份额。优步计划今年对其中国业务投资10亿美元。与此同时,英国《金融时报》看见的文件表明,滴滴慢的报告称之为,今年头5个月公司亏损逾5亿美元,这意味著年化亏损为14亿美元。

“Uber is a good competitor, but we feel really good about our position in China right now,” said Ms Liu, pointing out that Didi held greater market share than its US competitor.柳青回应:“优步是一个不俗的竞争对手,但我们对我们目前在中国的地位深感非常失望。”她认为,滴滴慢的在中国的市场份额小于优步。The Lyft and Didi partnership will include collaboration between their technology and product development teams, and cross-regional marketing efforts.Lyft与滴滴快的的合作,将还包括各自技术和产品开发团队之间的合作,以及跨地区营销活动。

Starting early next year, users of Lyft and Didi will be able to hail rides with the other company’s drivers when they travel to China and the US, respectively.从明年初开始,Lyft的用户在中国旅行以及滴滴的用户在美国旅行时,将分别可以叫到对方公司司机的车。This will give Lyft access to the growing number of Chinese tourists in the US — about 3m last year — and will give Didi access to the roughly 5m US tourists visiting China annually.这将让Lyft需要与人数大大快速增长的赴美国中国游客(去年大约为300万人)建立联系,并让滴滴慢的与在华美国游客(每年大约500万人)建立联系。